a pale girl, in a not so pale world…


I live in a seaside town in lil ol’ Dorset on the south coast of england, my local highstreet consists of a super drug and a boots, of very mediocre size and not the best range in cosmetics. I find it incredibly hard to find a base that matches my skin tone in general – let alone in my highstreet.

I still haven’t found my holy grail foundation, which if I’m honest, is bloody annoying. I lack confidence in my skin, and nothing sends your confidence down the pan than checking yourself out in the mirror and you can really notice your foundation. Bummer.

The closest I have got was last year in gatwick airport before leaving for my dreamy holiday to Mexico with my other half. me (of course) gently swaying towards the Bobbi Brown counter knowing my partner had no idea what to get me for my birthday. I talked to one of the girls who sat me down and suggested their compact foundation. I was dubious, and close to even trying to tell the girl to not bother, I’m an oily beast… Surely this is the worse thing I can use!

And how wrong was I! The colour wasn’t perfect for my pre-holiday skin, but as she told me it should be perfect during and after I have picked up a (minuscule) bit of colour. And the finish was even better. That girl, I wish I caught her name, truly boosted my confidence for my holiday – even told me I had lovely skin (ummmmm what!) which was a real eye opener and changed the way I looked at myself as someone who grew up thinking full coverage was absolute necessity as a sufferer from acne. I was sold, and gained a foundation, pressed powder and an eyeshadow palette. Winner.

But since my holiday glow faded, as did my foundation perfection and I’m back to square one.

Always picking up the foundation as far left as they go, and yet it still doesn’t seem to remotely give off the much desired ‘no makeup-makeup’ look. Pain is, I can’t face ordering any foundations off the Internet and wasting money on something I most likely wont be able to use. Don’t get me started on fake tan… The thought terrifies me.

Still… my quest is still top priority and I hope someday (soon), to find my holy grail.

Do you have pale skin? What do you use? What do you recommend?


2 thoughts on “a pale girl, in a not so pale world…

  1. I realize this is an old post but I totally understand your need for a pale skin foundation! I have had the same problem myself for ages! The two I use that are best for me are L’oreal true match in porcelain (for everyday looks) with Rimmel Stay Matte powder over it and my higher end foundation which is the first Ive ever found to actually match my skin is Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in pink porcelin it’s pricey but so worth it!

    1. Totally agree with you in terms of L’oreal True Match; I used to use that religiously! Thank you so much for the Make Up Forever suggestion… I think I’m going to have to hunt a counter out somewhere! xo

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