My New Skincare MUSTHAVES


Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant 190ml

I hate moisturising. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I cannot stand getting out of the shower and slapping on some body cream because I know I’m going to be stood like a starfish for the next 5-10 minutes waiting for the sticky feeling to go. Yuck. I just do not have the patience, and when it comes down to it, I would rather have 15 minutes more in bed then being uncomfortable with sticky-icky skin.

However, one Saturday afternoon I noticed Vaselines new wonderful product singing out to me on the shelf. A few things sprung to mind;

1. Cocoa scented? Who doesn’t like smelling like a chocolate bar?
2. A spray you say? An aerosol product has to be thin or else it wouldn’t be able to continuously spray onto skin
3. “NON-GREASY” 😇(!!)

Nothing on this product flagged up any warning signs, it just seemed to chant ‘buy me’! And so I did, and I fell hard and fast for this can of yummy goodness.

It is the fastest absorbing body lotion I have ever come across. You spray it on your skin and after a quick rub-in it’s disappeared but your skin feels nourished and smells incredible. There is no loose cap either, which I would just lose or throw away; it has a locking twist spray mechanism which will prevent any leakage when traveling.

It is also available in ‘Essential Moisture’ and ‘Aloe Fresh’. I’m keen to try both of these, but these are retailing at £4.99 at the moment, which means I’m definitely going to use every last drop of my current scent before I buy another. That being said, the longevity of Spray & Go is fab. I’ve had it around 3 weeks now (using daily) and I’m not even half way through.

My only suggestion to Vaseline would be making a travel/handbag size as the full size product is really quite large and weighty and I feel my holiday baggage allowance would suffer.

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm 125ml

I’ve been an avid user of cleansing oils over the last 6months, I love the way they make my skin feel before bed, and how gentle they are to use. My first experience was with DHC cleansing oil, then after I finished that I just used pure organic coconut oil. Both great but the scents were starting to bother me. A few hours after cleansing with coconut oil, I always got this horrendous buttery smell that reminded me of vomit. Not nice. So I went on a search for a fragrance free product and that’s when I got my mitts on Cliniques cleansing balm.

It’s like a huge tub of lip balm. You need no more than a 20p coins worth of product to remove a whole days worth of gunk (including eye makeup and mascara). You apply it to a dry face and massage over your skin. It melts into your face as you rub it in… it’s just like giving yourself a lovely little facial before bed. You simply rinse your face with clean warm water and that’s it! All the days grime and makeup goes down the sink.

It’s so, so simple but it’s brilliant. No smells, no mess, no fuss. A basic, fantastic quality product that will be a repeat purchase. I hope this never gets discontinued!

SO… Two fab products that will be a fantastic asset to any daily routine!


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