NSI polish pro


Ever since I developed a late in life case of chicken pox in June 2011, aged 19, I was signed off work for three weeks and bored out of my brain. This is where my nail fascination began.

I’ve always liked a bit of nail varnish, it completes an outfit and the confidence a diva manicure gives is second to none! But during these three weeks, I taught myself how to do a fierce set of acrylic nails. They always had to be French though due to work… Booooo!

Anyway, cutting a long story short. I’ve widened my repertoire, experimenting with nail art, gel nail extensions, and my latest purchase. NSI polish pro. Gel nail polish which in theory should give a two week manicure. So I got myself a guinea pig in the form of my niece, who I did a wicked ‘wild berry’ manicure in and we’re tracking how they last. I did them for her on Friday, and I’m still being told they are in perfect order. Brilliant! You can see she’s got some stubby nails, so hopefully this will get her on her way to having long luscious nails… Watch this space!

Why did I not just do it to myself? Well my ring finger on the right hand got in an argument with my car door… I’m loosing the nail which isn’t an attractive feature when you’ve panted your nails. It becomes increasingly obvious that you are missing a large crater in your nail. Ewwwww 😦

I’ve only got a few colours aswell, but looking to invest in more. These are my swatches so far…



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