Naked nails


Really missing doing my nails at the moment. As I previously touched on, my finger got caught in a car door and now I have a very unattractive nail on my right ring finger which I’m expecting to fall off in a month or so! I would upload a picture but I’m not so sure if the blogging community wants me to reveal my half missing nail for them all to see…

Anyway, I’ve been reminiscing on some old manicures I did over the last year and I think these are a couple of my favourites! My favourite nail polish brand at the moment is Sinful Colors, the selection is amazing and only £1.99 a bottle?! Bargain.


5 thoughts on “Naked nails

  1. Sorry to hear about the accident. I went through the same thing except my thumb was the one to get caught, leaving me with a completely black nail for months! It’s a pain waiting for it to grow out but it’ll get there! Lovely designs, the gradient is pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! I know it’s such a pain, but I’m hoping my new nail underneath grows back normal and not disformed for life! Can’t even do any gel extensions to cover it unfortunately, but these things happen! xo

      1. Exactly. It’s probably a good thing you can’t do the extensions anyway so it can grow back properly on its own. Wishing your finger a speedy, healthy recovery 🙂

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