GLOSSYBOX: September 2013

So, I finally received my Glossybox for September much later than anticipated. As previously mentioned, I normally get a knock on the door the day after then dispatch email comes out, so to get it 5 days later than normal was a touch frustrating this month!

I had already taken a couple of sneaky peeks at other blog post for this months box, so had a good idea what I was likely to receive. But here’s my personal Glossybox;

So, lets start big shall we?

Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes, which are described as ‘Ultra lightweight, self-adhesive lashes’

These seem to be the quick-fix alternative to false lashes, saving all the fussing around with waiting for glue to get tacky and hopefully no sticky-ness! I’m undecided. My issue with false lashes is that I so rarely find the opportunity to wear them, and when I do I tend to use individuals to get a more natural look. The adhesive spine on the lash is thick and black, which i feel would hinder the natural look. You would still have to put on a thick line of black eyeliner to conceal it.

Elizabeth Arden ‘Untold’ fragrance 5ml

I’m a bit of a pain in the arse when in comes to scents, I don’t like many. So I cautiously removed the little glass bottle plug(?) and hovered the bottle under my nose.

I don’t hate it. It’s quite plain to me, I really like the undertones but I don’t like that very particular tone that reminds me of the really strong smell of Calvin Klein Euphoria. I think I’ll give it a go, maybe it will mellow out during the day and I can get the true scent.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Excuse me? Nipple balm? This product has been a cult product for mammas who breast feed… So quite an odd choice for a glossy box product you would imagine. But after trying this on my lips, wow. It’s so hydrating and smooths out dry lips really quickly. Its described as ‘an extremely versatile healing and nourishing multipurpose SOS balm’. It came in a small tube which I think was an absolutely ridiculous idea, it’s such a thick balm that it is soooo difficult to squeeze out. It is definitely better suited to a little pot. But I think this may be a cheeky purchase for the upcoming winter month where my lips suffer.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eye Liner

Short and sweet, a very good felt tip eyeliner. Very well pigmented and drys fast. This will make a very welcome addition to my makeup bag, where my Eyeko skinny liner is running out!

Toni&Guy Classic Shine & Gloss Serum

Love love loooooove! Whacked it on my hair this morning before a quick blow dry, it definitely improved shine and sleekness of my hair. Through colouring I have quite dry hair, so my ends tend to puff out and get frizzy if I don’t add some product of straighten my hair. I suffer with greasy hair aswell so it’s important that products are lightweight for me, which this one is. I’m pretty bad at leaving time to faff around with serums in the morning for work, so I think this will only be used on weekends.

So I think that’s it? Very disappointed that I didn’t get the HD blusher, and this definitely has not been my best box. Think I will only really get good use from the nipple balm, which only has enough for two or three applications.

You can subscribe to glossybox for £12.95 a month by going to their site here


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