I’m back!

Sorry for being so absent over the last week, it’s been an awfully busy one! I was spoilt on Monday for my 22nd birthday, on Wednesday I passed my driving test (so proud of myself, NO minors!) and then went straight to Bath for a couple of days relaxing and shopping with my good friend Helen. And now I’m home, absolutely exhausted but with a lot of very exciting purchases!

As you may of seen from my brief post on my birthday, my gorgeous boyfriend bought me some very appreciated MAC goodies which was a total surprise. Who says boys can’t think for themselves? And it spurred me on to do a LOT of cosmetic shopping… Which I feel I should have some guilty feelings for but I can’t quite find them anywhere? Oopsy 🙂

I’ll break the haul into a couple of posts so I don’t bore you all!

RIGHT! So, I was in need of a replacement of my MAC paint pot in ‘vintage selection’ so whilst I was in Bath I thought I would take a quick trip into the Jolly’s concession and purchase it. Whilst I was there I decided maybe it was time to delve into the world of MAC foundations. Ever since my Bobbi Brown was running out I’ve been gagging to get back on the high-end bandwagon and as I had never used MAC for my base before I thought maybe I should give it a go. There was a great assistant in there named Charlotte who helped me out and picked out Studio Sculpt for my skin in NC15. I fell in love! It fit my skin perfectly and the finish was just what I was after; not powdery but handling my oil well. It was a natural finish, which was just what I was after without looking too ‘dewy’.

Charlotte also picked out ‘sun basque’ blusher for me, which I was hesitant about. I’ve always used bright pink toned blushers, without giving it a second thought. But this peachy toned blush really warmed up my face and if blended in well really changed how I looked. I didn’t want to commit to purchasing the blusher as I know there are some similar dupes around for a fraction of the price, so I went in search of those and give them a trail run before biting the bullet!


I found three blushers I loved, all with slightly different toned pigments and pay offs which gave me a variety of options to choose from;

– Sleek blusher in ‘coral’ (left)
– Natural Collection blusher in ‘peach melba’ (middle)
– Benefit ‘coralister’ (right)


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

    1. Absolutely, great input thank you so much. I’ve never actually used any Nars products, but always wanted to try Orgasm. I’m off out of my little town this morning aswell so I’ll try and find a concession somewhere and do some swatches and see what I think!

      Oh, and welcome! ❤


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