Gel Manicure at Home


 My love affair with beautiful nails has been ongoing for years, but back in 2011 at the age of 19 I caught Chicken Pox (odd, I know) and was signed off work by the Doctor for 3 weeks. Handing in the ‘sick note’ at work was a very exciting prospect… I didn’t exactly enjoy my job at the time and a few weeks with out an alarm clock was very attractive. However, it soon became very tedious as i couldn’t leave the house, nor could i see my boyfriend or any of my friends who were going to come into contact with the old, the young or the pregnant. So i occupied my time watching youtube tutorials on Acrylic nails and decided to buy myself a starter kit from Naio UK. So i sat and pursued until i think i cracked it.

Acrylics soon became boring and i kept seeing more and more Gel tutorials popping up on YouTube, thus my new challenge was in front of me!

All of my friends were going to nail bars and spending £30+ to get ‘Shellac’ or ‘2 week’ manicures, but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew i could do it myself, and if you can save yourself £30 every 2 weeks then why wouldn’t you? So, I did it. And the nails above are some gal-pals of mine before a christmas party we went to (everyone needs some festive glitter!). Of course they aren’t perfect, but I’m not a professional! Although they are rather gorgeous!

Would you like to see a Pictorial on how to do Gel Nails at home?

S xx


One thought on “Gel Manicure at Home

  1. I love gel nails, but I hate paying for them and would love to be able to do them on my own. That’s a great idea for a pictorial!

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