GlossyBox DECEMBER 2013, opening the box and first opinions

Hello All!

It been a busy few months for me, so apologies that the blog has been pushed to one side. I did however receive my christmas GlossyBox through the post today which inspired me to get the camera out and get blogging!


So here the beauty is, in a very festive red box with a rather typical and boring design on the lid, but that was all to be forgotten once i unwrapped the usual ribbon and tissue paper situation inside the box.


Hoorah! This months box actually seems like its got a some decent stuff in! I will definitely have use for the majority of the products in the box, which has been a rarity in the last year’s worth of GlossyBox’s and has caused me to cancel my subscription more than once over the last few months as i was sick of being charged £12.95 for being disappointed with stuff that didn’t match my beauty profile, or i would receive every thing BUT the one product that i wanted! So what a relief that GlossyBox decided to end the year on a high, a taste of whats to come i hope.

First up, Seche Nail Lacquer £9.95 full size

This is maybe one of the most exciting products in the box for me, i love nails, nail art, nail varnish and couldn’t live without my Seche Vite top coat (if you have not tried it, then you have not maximised your manicure!) I had never tried one of the colours but had eyed them up in my local Sallys so this is a welcome edition for my baskets and baskets of nail polish!

The colour i was sent is called ‘Chocolat’ which is fitting. It is a very warm, reddish brown tone which initially i wasnt too enthralled with, and still i would of preferred a brighter colour but i suppose this will add some diversity to my collection. It is a very thin polish (which isnt a bad thing!), but the colour pay-off is superb. It is described to give ‘one coat coverage’ and i totally agree.

Given the quality of the Seche product i have tested today, and my previous experience with the brand, £9.95 is more than reasonable for a high quality nail polish, and i wouldn’t think twice about purchasing other colours off this line. Happy Days!


Beautiful Movements Cosmetics, Nude Lip Gloss (sample size in GB) Full Size £12

So this is a Lip gloss from Kimberly Wyatt’s (from Pussy Cat Dolls) new cosmetics line that is approved by PETA and BUAV. It is described as ‘non-sticky’ which is the most important thing for me when purchasing any lip products. And to be quite honest with you, its so hard to find a lip gloss that truly is ‘non-sticky’ that i only own about three! how awful is that?! So does this one live up to the description? yes.

Its a really flattering Nude, and it glides onto the lips with no stickiness! Woo! There is something about it however, that i cant put my finger on. I couldnt personally justify spending £12 on something that i dont think is amazing? The taste makes the back of my throat feel a bit scratchy. The best thing about the product is the nude colour. i’ll keep it in my handbag as an emergency gloss, but I still prefer my Revlon lip glosses, which give a much better shine!


Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara £4.99 full size Dark Brown

Well this was a very welcome surprise, i was very close to purchasing this yesterday – so how fabulous to have this in my GlossyBox!My eyebrow routine always has consisted of powder, an angled brush and then clear brow gel. So to make life nice and easy, a coloured brow gel was soon to make an appearance in my makeup bag, but this has just sped it along nicely!

I received this ‘sculpting mascara’ in dark brown, which does match me as a brunette. When i tested it on my arm hair (as you do…) it concerned me it may be a little bit ‘ashy’ for me. But i decided to go ahead anyway and try it on my brows. Now as you will be able to see below, its not a massive difference between my natural brow (R), and the brow with the product on (L). I do have a couple of gaps in my brow which this gel doesn’t handle as it only applies to the actual hairs, so a bit of powder will still be used on a night out. But for everyday use and at the office, this will be a perfect quick fix in the morning. I would definitely repurchase this at £4.99… to define your brows and keep the strays at bay for under a fiver? there not really anything to quabble with! Well done Maybelline!Image

Rituals Miracle Balm Full Size £10.00

Another GlossyBox, another moisturising product. yawn!

Dont get me wrong, its a lovely hand balm, but ive not got any interest in talking about it, its pretty much the same as my SOS hand cream from LIDL, which is about a 5th of the price, and doesnt have an overbearing scent. It is what it is, and it isnt my cuppa tea! Glossybox, please stop sending me creams/balms!


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor £6.49

I love the thought of this product, but in my heart i know I’m going to hate it. Its huge!

Shaving my legs isn’t something i enjoy at the best of times, let alone trying to navigate it with a chunky soap surrounding the razor. It certainly wont be replacing my Gillette Venus Razor that has been serving me well since i was in my teens!


SO, my first post in months and it was quite a long one! Hope you enjoyed, i’d love to hear your opinions on your glossyboxes, products you love or hate, or just say hello! 

S xx


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