Mini Beauty Haul


This afternoon I went for a little drive with my good friend Helen for a cheeky sunday Macdonalds, and on the way back we passed our local Factory Shop. If you have never been into a Factory Shop, they are fab! Not everyone’s cup of tea i am sure, but for an eagle eyed person you can find some real gems. I’m a bit of a kitchen lover, and they have some gorgeous mugs and crockery in there for so little!


But this is what I bought today, I went in with the intention of only buying a couple of things which i did stick to, and made sure they were usable purchases (not just things that will sit in my draw for me to forget about!). And the recurring purchases were Eyeshadows. None over the the £2 mark, which made them very appealing indeed!


The first one that caught my eye was the ‘Nivea Pure Diamond’ eye shadow trio (£1). I never knew Nivea had dipped their toes into cosmetics so instantly i was drawn to it. The three shadows are shaped into the circle through crescent shapes, the majority colour being a pearlescent ivory perfect for the brow bone. Second is a Sage colour, followed by a dark Olive shade. All three colours are shimmer based and have decent pigmentation. Im really quite pleased with this, as the quality is surprisingly good for what i paid for it! If Nivea were to release more mainstream products i would suggest they reviewed the packaging as it does feel quite tacky, like the little makeup sets you get given by your grandma when you’re about 11. 


Revlon ColorStay 12 hour Eyeshadow in Silverfox 21, this was the next thing to find its way into my shopping basket. This is a eyeshadow Quad made up of two shimmer shades (a purply brown and a pearlescent white) and two matt shades (a mint and a grey). Maybe an odd colour combination, but with some good blending I’d like to try and make some gorgeous winter eye looks with this palette. As with most Revlon products the colour pay off is great. A guilt free treat at only £2!


Rimmel Quad in 016 Urban Flower, once again a purchase for just £2! The pink shades and the lime green is what attracted me to this tiny palette. I haven’t always been a fan of Rimmel eyshadows and i was hoping this would change my mind. But the pigmentation on the green is quite poor, you would need to build the colour a lot before getting the ‘pop’ of colour that is shown in the pan. The pale shades are once again very shimmery and could make a subtle highlight and contour for an everyday look. But overall it hasn’t convinced me that Rimmel have quite got to grip with eyeshadows yet!


Last eyeshadow that i purchased was a L’oreal Studio Secrets Eye Intensifier for Blue eyes. I have peculiar eyes that change colour depending on the weather, so they flick between being a green to blue at a drop of a hat. So i went for this gorgeous shade that i think can work for both. Its a generous size and i like the packaging, i’m a big L’oreal fan and don’t often think that get it wrong so i knew this would be a worth while purchase. So much so i didn’t even consider the price when picking this up, it had no price label and i honestly didn’t really care. I haven’t checked the receipt either… oops!

Quick and easy one, OPI ‘William Tell Me About OPI’ nail varnish. I couldnt get a picture that did this colour justice but it is BEAUTIFUL! A deep seductive Plum which is perfect for winter and will match my L’oreal lipstick in 290 to a ‘T’! Cant wait to give myself a cheeky manicure later with this, ready for going back to work tomorrow… boo hoo 😦 

Last to mention is an old faithful of mine T-Zone Face Pore Strips. I suffer with big ol’ pores and the last thing i want is for them to be filled with blackheads. I don’t often use these but sometimes, your pores fill up with oils that your normal skin routine can’t always take care off, so thats where these beauties come into play. You just wet your face, place the strip on your chosen bit of face and leave for 10 minutes or when it becomes ‘stiff’ and slowly peel it off. And if you’re a bit like me, you won’t be able to not have a good gander at whats just come out of your face ewww!

Where is your favourite place to get bargain beauty buys? 



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