The Ultimate Girly Bath

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone enjoys a bath. Maybe not everyday, maybe not every week, but once in a while a hot, bubbly bath can take you to a place of relaxation that is sometimes hard to find. 

Me? I’m not a fussy bather; I don’t need fancy oils and salts to have a good time. It just needs to be hot, bubbly and smell yummy and I’m sold!

I am a fan of LUSH, not their biggest fan by any means (as i do tend to get a headache after being in there five minutes), but I certainly appreciate their products and ethics. I live close to the original shop in Poole, where I remember visiting on a regular basis when growing up and absolutely loved it. Now, however, it is one of those places that overwhelms me because its busy, there is so much choice and so much to understand! It’s defiantly a shop i would like to go in when it is empty and take time to discover everything individually. 

One night at the mother-in-laws, i spotted a peculiar slice of something next to the bath. It was pink and white, like a princess’ Swiss Roll. Im curious… take a whiff and with it I was sent into nasal orgasm. It smelt DELICIOUS; like Refresher sweeties. I was almost tempted to try it to see what it tasted like. (How the 2 year old nephews hadn’t already had a nibble is beyond me. Self control at its finest!)



For those not in-the-know, these beauties are called ‘The Comforter’ (£4.50). A bubble bar described by LUSH as ‘a bath time blend of fruity essential oils to wrap you up in a big comforting hug.’ Beautiful.

It is a big bar, the website tells you to use half crumbled under the running tap to get sufficient bubbles and loveliness, but i probably only use a 6th each time. It turns the bath a gorgeous pink, and fills the bath with silky bubbles whilst making the bathroom smell like a fruity delight. 



So the way I’m using it, I’ll get 6 baths from it, at 75p a time! I think I can justify that price for the best bath i could ask for!

Have you tried ‘The Comforter’? 


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