How I Colour My Hair at Home

My biggest pet-peeve with going to a hairdressers is asking for one thing, but the stylist taking their own idea’s a bit fair and leaving with hair nothing like you asked. And the worst thing about it? Shelling out near to £80 to be unhappy with your hair. no no no… not for me. You can ofcourse use the Hair Dye packs from drug stores like Nice’n’Easy, L’oreal ect ect, but i’ve found a more cost effective method that leaves your hair salon perfect. I do this by using what a hair dresser would use themselves, which in the long run is much cheaper and better quality than the drug store kits. And atleast you are in control if it isnt quite as you imagined, without pretending to like it to the hairdresser!

A little Hair History about me

My Aunt was a great hairdresser, and i grew up with her doing my own and my mothers hair when we saw her (she lived in Scotland) and i would pick up on what the basics were and how things were done. Unfortunately, My Aunt passed away in 2008, but i was lucky enough to of picked up on enough hair knowledge to set me up for many different hair colours to come. i’ve honestly never had a huge hair disaster either! I am rather laid back though… hair can be dyed and will always grow back..

I’m 22, and sadly i’ve already got grey hairs (noticed them at 18)! Its all very depressing, but their isn’t anything that can be done about it but cover them! I have found that people look at you strangely when you tell them or if they notice them, so i have been dying my hair since the age of 16ish.

To do your hair at home, what will you need?


– Hair Colour Pigment  (I use RUSK Deep Shine colour pigment £8.99 for 100ml in 5.00 NW; light brown, naturally warm)

Cream Peroxide £5.59 for 1ltr (i use 6% 20 VOL ; this is dependant on how much ‘lift’ you need to get to your desired colour, higher the % the more powerful lift)


Tinting Bowl £2.99 & Brush £2.27 (reusable)


Rubber Gloves £1.99 ( i use reusable)

I got all of my bits from Sallys, which for those who dont know is a wholesale shop for salon traders. there are certain shops that members of the public can purchase from without a trade card, which i do!

You will get around 3 full head applications from one tube of colour pigment, and the bottle of peroxide will last many more. Through my rough calculations, it would cost about £4 a time to colour your hair at home which is a huge saving compared what you pay at a salon!

Depending on what brand of pigment you buy, the mix ratio will be different. For RUSK, you mix 1 part colour to 1 1/2 parts developer. Mix well to get a thick smooth consistency.



Once you have your colour mixed, get your gloves on and get applying! I simply touch up my roots then wash off after 20 minutes and use a hair mask on the lengths of my hair.

Is this something you would ever consider doing at home?

**disclaimer: I’m no proffesional, so what works for me may not work for every one. Always complete a test on your own hair and scalp 48hrs prior to colouring to ensure you don’t have any allergic reaction**


2 thoughts on “How I Colour My Hair at Home

  1. I don’t think I would dye my own hair at home but if I trusted a friend I would definitely let them colour my hair. Also, depends what I wanted done to my hair… lol Have you cut your own hair too?

    1. Yeah I’ve done my own highlights and stuff in the past and been so so happy with the results! Never properly cut my hair, just cut in a fringe when feeling sassy! I have cut my friends though.. It’s a pretty daunting task! Xo

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