HAUL | Quick trip to Primark


After one whole day back at work, today was a day off for me! Hoorah! So, I drove myself to one of the close ‘shopping’ towns as such (where I live there is a new look and a peacocks…) and I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of bits to sneak into my suitcase before my holiday early next month.


Playsuits in Primark this season are actually really nice! The material is comfortable and non-clingy which can only be a good thing when going to NYC and Florida in May. This is the second one i’ve purchased, and it only cost a fiver! Its got a triangle cut out on the back as a bit of detail which is lovely. It was the last one in the entire shop in my size too… i couldnt turn it down.



I’ve got a lot of love for Primark pants. £1 each and so comfortable and theres something for everyone. I like a nice pair of Brazilian briefs, a personal preference of mine and everyone likes a new knickers for holiday!


I’m off to Bath Races on Monday (I bought my dress today but I’ll show you my whole look next week) for work, and the pale-skinned girl I am, my legs will blend in with the white pickett fencing if I dont do something to inject a bit of colour to them! I did try and fake-tan at the weekend as a practise run, and to say it didnt go well would be an understatement… therefore; easy option, whack on a pair of tights and get on with life! £2.00 aswell, not bad.


I absolutely fell in love with this when i saw it. I’m obsessed with Nicole Guerriero and she wears a lovely gold necklace with her name on, so i thought this would be a nice cheap way to jazz up a playsuit during the day on holibobs with a personlised touch. So i get comfy on my bed and start to put my name on one chain and my beau’s name on the other… and then i realise the only duplicate letters are ‘O’ and ‘Y’. stupid. So i’ve just put an ‘A’ on one and a ‘S’ on the other because I couldnt think of what else to put. Very, very annoying! 


AND THATS IT! spent £18.00 and very pleased (apart from the necklace annoyance) with my purchases!




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