HOW TO |Quick Makeup Brush Cleanse

Before I became an avid beauty researcher, cleaning my makeup brushes was a long-winded and gruelling task that i would put off. I never knew how to do a quick cleanse, i would fill the sink, massage the bristles with hand soap and then leave in the airing cupboard to dry. Silly, silly Sarah. I always wondered why my bristles malted and the lifespan of my brushes was far from satisfying. But trial and error taught me well (and youtube of course). I now have a routine that works well for me to quickly cleanse my brushes, and a deep clean is done around every 2-3 weeks.

See below for a quick and easy pictorial on how I quickly clean my brushes!

You Will Need:

– Dirty Brushes

– Baby Wipes (dried out, or kitchen roll)

– Brush Cleanser


Put cleanser on the wipe, swirl your brush around until all product comes out, leave to dry and viola! Clean brushes a go-go!



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