OOTD | A Day At The Races


A few weeks ago at work, I received what felt like the most exciting email in the whole entire world. I had been selected as the only person in my county to attend a ‘Day at the Races’ in Bath as recognition for my hard work in the first quarter of the year. With the initial excitement of a swanky day in a private viewing box, champagne toasts and a 4 course meal… my next thought was ‘what on earth do I wear?!’.

So this is what I settled on, a beautiful knee length dress from Dorothy Perkins (which i will most definitely be taking with me on holiday…!), some Nude Patent heels from New Look, and a beautiful Black Feather Fascinator that my lovely friend Becky let me borrow for the occasion.


I had such a lovely day, however it still makes me so nervous going into events like this knowing no one at all and having to mingle!

What would you wear for ‘A Day At The Races’? Would you like a Make-up beauty post showing my makeup on the day?



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