MY VERSION| Nicki Minaj Pills n Potions

Pills n Potions


Some of you may have seen my previous post giving you a sneek peak on some makeup i did inspired by Nicki Minaj in her new music video for Pills n Potions. We all know Nicki Minaj as this bright and loud character, always with a wig and makeup none of us would wear outside the comfort of our own mirrors. However, Pills n Potions is different, its no party beat, its an emotionally charged song which is vulnerable, with a make up look to match. For Nicki, this is stripped back, with winged eyeliner, nude pink lips and only in some clips, wearing falsies. No full wigs, just some natural extensions. First time i’ve looked at her and thought, she’s actually pretty gorgeous!


Heres a quick overview of how i achieved the my version of her look; 


Firstly, i primed my face with smashbox photo ready primer, to ensure i get a matte finish. Her coverage is quite high in the video, so i first used my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation with my real techniques expert face brush blending well before using a beauty blender to apply a bit more coverage. At this stage i applied a concealer a few shades darker than my skin tone under my cheek bones and blended out to create a contour. Next, i applied Maybellines anti age concealer under the eyes and blended out with my beauty blender. Nicki’s eye make up is so simple but so gorgeous, i used my Soap & Glory Solar bronzer to naturally define the socket, and then came in and softly blended some of Natural Collection eyeshadow in Chocolate to help define a little further. My next task was the heavily winged liner, i chose to use l’oreals gel eyeliner but i first mapped out where i wanted the flick to be with some brown eyeshadow on an angled brush to have the flexibility to get it right without ruining it so quickly, then followed with gel liner when i was happy. I used Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara for some length. I kept my brows fairly natural, just put a little bit of taupe coloured eyeshadow through them out of my Sephora ‘it’ Palette. Then lips, just some Models Own nude lip pencil and a small bit of EOS lip balm. 


What do you think?



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