FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses ‘Dream Eyes’

A few weeks ago I received quite a curious product, something I hadn’t ever dared tried as I’m the most squeamish of people and the thought of putting my finger in my eye was unfathomable. But we all need to take these risks, and with many like me out there I thought I would take ‘one for the team’ and try out my little surprise. ‘Spooky Eyes‘ contact lenses*.

The box they came in opens up with instructions inside to get you on the right lines for inserting them, short and simple, but its one of those things you just have to grit your teeth and get on with. You ensure it isn’t inside out (needs to be bowl shaped), and place it on the end on your index finger, still wet from the solution their kept in.

It took many attempts going solo, *finger goes towards eye, eye closes*, I had to entail the help of my trusty boyfriend to keep my lid from shutting whilst in slow motion I can see this purple lens coming towards my eye. But, I DID IT! And although my eye pissed water for about 2 minutes straight afterwards (believe the instructions ‘apply before makeup’) it was surprisingly comfortable! My vision wasn’t affected at all, and if you ask me, it looks pretty cool. 

I chose the Soft Violet lenses as i thought they would suit my pale skin quite well, and I was right. I was really pleased with how they look when in! 

When it came to getting them out, it’s certainly less of a task than putting them in. You simply pinch it between your thumb and index finger and it pops out. (this only took 1 or two attempts!) And you’ve got used to touching your eye by now, so its no bother.

Overall, this was a completely new experience for me but it wasn’t a negative one. They didn’t irritate my eye at all but were comfortable to wear although you are advised not to wear them over long periods of time, and certainly not to sleep in them!

These would be SO perfect for halloween, or fancy dress of any kind. If only I knew about these back in NYE when i dressed as a sugar skull, these would of been a perfect finishing touch. Spooky Eyes provides Free Shipping on orders, and I’ve got my eyes on the ‘Cat Lenses’ which will make a great addition to any ‘Cat Woman’ costume!







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