BLOG COLLAB | Celeb Look-a-Likes

When Sophie (littlebitsophdid a post inviting people to join her in doing Celebrity Inspired Looks, I immediately put my name down. In total, 8 of us got together to do these post’s and I urge you all to go and check them out (all will be linked below). Although I’m a little late in getting my post published, I have had so much fun researching and finding inspiration for my look. 


I wouldn’t say I have a celebrity Look-a-Like as such, but I drew some similarities with Kat Dennings; bigger lips, dark hair, pale skin… plus I have a major girl-crush on her. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so Kat, this one is for you!


I kept my ‘Look’ simple, inspired from this gorgeous red carpet look i had saved on my phone before this collaboration was even in the pipe line. A bold purple/red lip, flawless skin and a flick of eyeliner over a bronze/gold shimmer eye makeup.  I finished off with a light touch of bronzer and Sleek’s ‘Coral’ blush to just warm my complexion up a tad.

I found the lips my most difficult task, I didn’t want to over draw on the cupid bow as mine is really pronounced and I just couldn’t get away with it, so I just got on with what I thought would suit me. 


I hope you like it, here are the other fabulous blogs that took part in this collab, please check them out as they are all so, so talented and have some fantastic content!

♦ Rebecca at did a Alana/Daniella Haim look

♦ McKenna at did a Sophia Bush look

♦ Justine at did a Jamie Chung look

♦ Jo at did a Taylor Momsen look

♦ Casey at did a Sophia Vergara look

♦ Sophie at did a Lorde look

♦ Olivia at did an Ellen Page look



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