HOTD| Braided Crown


I was going out for lunch with a friend today and with the sun shining, I put it upon myself to have one last crack at this summer hairstyle. And to my surprise, it worked and I was very pleased!

First up, on ‘day old’ hair, I waved it using the Tony and Guy Deep Barrel Waver all over as I was aiming for a messy look. I spritz through some salt spray for some texture then moved on to the fiddly bit.

I parted my hair from the back of one ear to the other just in front of the crown. I tied up the remainder of the hair and swept the front to one side and grabbed a small section behind the ear, split it into 3 sections and started my plait. I did a ‘Dutch Braid’ and continued to add sections to my hair from the loose front section moving around my head towards the other ear. Before using all the loose hair, I untied the back of my hair to allow me to continue all the way around. The hair had run out behind the original ‘starting’ ear, you carry on the braid without adding hair, most important continuing holding the hair plaiting upside-down. This ensures the plait can be pulled forward and sit nicely.

Tie with a small elastic, and bobby-pin into place round your hair. Give the plait a tug and fluff to make it ‘messy’ and loosen some strands around the ears to get that boho look.

What do you think? Have you tried a Crown Braid?



HAIR | braids / plaits

My summer obsession; teaching myself how to be a braiding pro. I’ve always been rubbish at braiding/plaiting. Its fiddly, its needs hand-eye coordination, and i have always had layered hair so they wouldn’t be tight and neat like a disney princess.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve started trying my hand at plaiting again. It started on holiday, when the sticky florida heat just became too much for my thick hair, so i tried my hand at a cheeky french plait on my fringe. That then progressed slowly into a side french ponytail which i had almost perfected upon my arrival back in the UK.

I’ve now attempted a dutch crown braid (as seen on beyonce) and the sought after fishtail…





its all very exciting and i cant wait to perfect them!


My Hair Essentials


These are my everyday hair savours to ensure my hair stays healthy strong and well nourished. I have fine hair, but A LOT of it which is almost getting to boob length (hoorah!). I do suffer with excess oil, which means if I want soft silky hair I have to wash it everyday which everyone knows isn’t great for you. I try to go without washing my hair every other day, using dry shampoo to try and salvage whatever hair style I want to go for without looking like a greasy beast.

After many years of abusing my hair with heat and colour I’ve mellowed out and will let my hair dry naturally when I can (normally overnight), which doesn’t always help the grease factor. I do of course still use straightners and curling wands when I want something special going on!

But overall, I swear by these products for my hair, leaving me with what feels like Rapunzel-like strength which will hopefully aid my in growing even longer locks!

What products do you swear by?