FOTD | Date Night Makeup

Last night, I went out for dinner with Alex, the in-laws and some of their friends. Needless to say, plenty of wine and food were what I was looking forward to the most, but, I took some real effort and time in my make up. After a hard week at work, taking an hour or so to really enjoy doing your makeup is sometimes the most relaxing thing (well, it is for me anyway!).


I wanted to create quite a flawless base, so I thoroughly moisturised, and then primed my face with my new SmashBox Pore Minimiziner Primer then worked in my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick all over my face, buffing it into the skin with myExpert Face Brush from Real Techniques and adding a little more coverage on my cheeks to mask a bit of redness. I quickly brushed through my brows, and gently filled in any gaps with my Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Concrete and my MAC 266. I went for (what for me) is a subtle eye makeup, as I was going for a bold lip. I simply worked MAC’s ‘Wedge’ into my socket, and a small amount of ‘Sketch’ on the outer corner, I used a pencil brush to smudge a mix of both on my lower lash line for a little more definition. Using my Sephora Eyeliner pencil in Marron Brown I smudged it into the outer lash line on both top and bottom. Curled eyelashes and really worked mascara into the roots to get some good volume.

Using MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15, I concealed under my eyes, around my nose and covered any small blemishes. I patted this in with my ring finger then buffed the edges with my Beauty Blender. Next I lightly powered my skin, before working in MAC’s lipstick in ‘Diva’ onto my lips with a lip brush. Once I had the lipstick on, I could judge how much blusher and bronzer I needed to warm my face.

And that was it! I loved this look, and I think it might make a more dramatic appearance in Christmas Party season!

IMG_2539 IMG_0707


BEAUTY | What I Bought Today

IMG_2296 IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_2309 IMG_2297I can’t be the only one, surely everyone feels that immediate rush to go home and play with new makeup once you’ve had a little guilty ‘I couldn’t help myself’ moment in Boots.

Occasionally at work, we get given vouchers as rewards for doing something marvellous for a customer, today I received a Boots gift card through the post and all intentions were to save it for a little shopping trip next weekend for my birthday. That didn’t happen, obviously. I opened the envelope, and went straight into town. Self restraint? Will power? Not my strong point.

Everything purchased had an intention behind it. I needed a new foundation, some eyelash glue and liquid eyeliner. What I really wanted was some Lip Liner, but being my local Boots, with the smallest of selections, the only concession that held lip liners were Max Factor. Of which they were all pretty grim.

So this is what I bought today;

-Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation in shade 51

-Seventeen High Drama Liquid Eyeliner

-Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeliner Pencil (double ended)

-Eyelure LashFix

-Seventeen Solo Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz

They had an offer on with any two Seventeen products purchased you get a free mascara, but muggings over here forgot to pick hers up, so maybe I will return tomorrow for that.

As soon as I got back, the bag was emptied and the playing commenced. Using the products I purchased today, I created a purple smokey eye, with a winged eyeliner and finally got to use some of the new Lashes I purchased of Ebay for super cheap to give a little more drama. I used my new Bourjois Foundation and my Maybelline Color Elixir in Celestial Coral which you can see swatches and first impressions of here.

IMG_2334 IMG_2333*excuse the quality of photos on this post, the boyf has my memory card so had to use my phone!*

BLOG COLLAB | Celeb Look-a-Likes

When Sophie (littlebitsophdid a post inviting people to join her in doing Celebrity Inspired Looks, I immediately put my name down. In total, 8 of us got together to do these post’s and I urge you all to go and check them out (all will be linked below). Although I’m a little late in getting my post published, I have had so much fun researching and finding inspiration for my look. 


I wouldn’t say I have a celebrity Look-a-Like as such, but I drew some similarities with Kat Dennings; bigger lips, dark hair, pale skin… plus I have a major girl-crush on her. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so Kat, this one is for you!


I kept my ‘Look’ simple, inspired from this gorgeous red carpet look i had saved on my phone before this collaboration was even in the pipe line. A bold purple/red lip, flawless skin and a flick of eyeliner over a bronze/gold shimmer eye makeup.  I finished off with a light touch of bronzer and Sleek’s ‘Coral’ blush to just warm my complexion up a tad.

I found the lips my most difficult task, I didn’t want to over draw on the cupid bow as mine is really pronounced and I just couldn’t get away with it, so I just got on with what I thought would suit me. 


I hope you like it, here are the other fabulous blogs that took part in this collab, please check them out as they are all so, so talented and have some fantastic content!

♦ Rebecca at did a Alana/Daniella Haim look

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses ‘Dream Eyes’

A few weeks ago I received quite a curious product, something I hadn’t ever dared tried as I’m the most squeamish of people and the thought of putting my finger in my eye was unfathomable. But we all need to take these risks, and with many like me out there I thought I would take ‘one for the team’ and try out my little surprise. ‘Spooky Eyes‘ contact lenses*.

The box they came in opens up with instructions inside to get you on the right lines for inserting them, short and simple, but its one of those things you just have to grit your teeth and get on with. You ensure it isn’t inside out (needs to be bowl shaped), and place it on the end on your index finger, still wet from the solution their kept in.

It took many attempts going solo, *finger goes towards eye, eye closes*, I had to entail the help of my trusty boyfriend to keep my lid from shutting whilst in slow motion I can see this purple lens coming towards my eye. But, I DID IT! And although my eye pissed water for about 2 minutes straight afterwards (believe the instructions ‘apply before makeup’) it was surprisingly comfortable! My vision wasn’t affected at all, and if you ask me, it looks pretty cool. 

I chose the Soft Violet lenses as i thought they would suit my pale skin quite well, and I was right. I was really pleased with how they look when in! 

When it came to getting them out, it’s certainly less of a task than putting them in. You simply pinch it between your thumb and index finger and it pops out. (this only took 1 or two attempts!) And you’ve got used to touching your eye by now, so its no bother.

Overall, this was a completely new experience for me but it wasn’t a negative one. They didn’t irritate my eye at all but were comfortable to wear although you are advised not to wear them over long periods of time, and certainly not to sleep in them!

These would be SO perfect for halloween, or fancy dress of any kind. If only I knew about these back in NYE when i dressed as a sugar skull, these would of been a perfect finishing touch. Spooky Eyes provides Free Shipping on orders, and I’ve got my eyes on the ‘Cat Lenses’ which will make a great addition to any ‘Cat Woman’ costume!






GET THE LOOK| Flirty to Fun

With the sun shining and the festival season well underway, I wanted to show how versatile the new Makeup Revolution palette is, so I’ve done two very quick looks perfect for a summer date night, and a fun festival night using the Dia De Los Muertos.

First is the Flirty Date night look, using the nude matt shades to do a gentle crease (excuse my hooded eyes) and using the rose gold shade on the lid. I also used the Smashbox black eyeliner pencil in the lash line to give a bit of definition. This look took about 5 minutes to do, and i think it looks really pretty.


Next, I felt a little daring… with Glastonbury just days away I thought why not have a bit of fun! I’ve never been to Glasto, but I would love to. And whilst spending the night partying away I would want to be wearing something like this that you couldn’t get away with just walking down the highstreet! And a great test for the brighter colours in the palette. So I created a bright Pink and Purple eye makeup look, with some neon dots of colour to make it a little more fun.


Are you off to Glasto? If so, what are your beauty essentials?

MY VERSION| Nicki Minaj Pills n Potions

Pills n Potions


Some of you may have seen my previous post giving you a sneek peak on some makeup i did inspired by Nicki Minaj in her new music video for Pills n Potions. We all know Nicki Minaj as this bright and loud character, always with a wig and makeup none of us would wear outside the comfort of our own mirrors. However, Pills n Potions is different, its no party beat, its an emotionally charged song which is vulnerable, with a make up look to match. For Nicki, this is stripped back, with winged eyeliner, nude pink lips and only in some clips, wearing falsies. No full wigs, just some natural extensions. First time i’ve looked at her and thought, she’s actually pretty gorgeous!


Heres a quick overview of how i achieved the my version of her look; 


Firstly, i primed my face with smashbox photo ready primer, to ensure i get a matte finish. Her coverage is quite high in the video, so i first used my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation with my real techniques expert face brush blending well before using a beauty blender to apply a bit more coverage. At this stage i applied a concealer a few shades darker than my skin tone under my cheek bones and blended out to create a contour. Next, i applied Maybellines anti age concealer under the eyes and blended out with my beauty blender. Nicki’s eye make up is so simple but so gorgeous, i used my Soap & Glory Solar bronzer to naturally define the socket, and then came in and softly blended some of Natural Collection eyeshadow in Chocolate to help define a little further. My next task was the heavily winged liner, i chose to use l’oreals gel eyeliner but i first mapped out where i wanted the flick to be with some brown eyeshadow on an angled brush to have the flexibility to get it right without ruining it so quickly, then followed with gel liner when i was happy. I used Benefits ‘They’re Real’ mascara for some length. I kept my brows fairly natural, just put a little bit of taupe coloured eyeshadow through them out of my Sephora ‘it’ Palette. Then lips, just some Models Own nude lip pencil and a small bit of EOS lip balm. 


What do you think?


SWATCHES | Maybelline Color Elixir in Celestial Coral & NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

If you had read my previous post, you will know i bought these two items on my holiday in the US. I’ve never had much confidence with lip products, especially bright lipsticks, thats why i stick to nudes and pinkier shades that dont stand out too much! I did purchase two bold lipsticks from wet and wild which i might do another post on.


But first up, Maybelline’s Color Elixir in Celestial Coral. What a beautiful product all round, the packaging is gorgeous and well thought out and the applicator is one of the softest I have ever tried. Maybelline says the wand is made from Angora (which would explain how soft it is), and the wand fibres are actually a lot longer than other wands meaning more product is applied.


The colour is described as a coral, but in my opinion although there is a slight coral pigment, its definitely more of a pink tone which is fine, as it makes it easier to wear for me. You can take this product as far as you want, wear it subtle or layer it to get even more pigmentation, either way it is very comfortable to wear (Non-sticky, moisturising and no horrid taste). In terms of longevity, I work in a bank where I’m in appointments with clients most of the day and chatting, so for me with this product wasn’t fantastic with staying-power but it fades gently rather than just wiping straight off. If i wanted a consistent colour throughout my day i would need to reapply maybe every hour.


Overall, i was really impressed with this product. My only regret is not buying some more shades, Petal Plush and Redefining Rose look absolutely beautiful.


Next up is what seems to be becoming a bit of a cult product; NYX Butter Gloss. I bought this is the shade Creme Brulee which is a lovely peachy-nude colour. One thing i really like about this product is the petite packaging. It lovely and small meaning its the perfect size for slipping into the smallest of clutch bags on a night out.


The wand is standard for a gloss, so nothing really to discuss there. The formula however, is to die for… smells good enough to eat and it really does melt into your lips. Creme Brulee is a beautiful nude, perfect to wear with a smokey eye and its been in my handbag since ive got back from holiday as it is so comfortable to wear. I have no quabbles about this product whatsoever!

Have you tried either of these products? XO